Tuesday, 6 March 2007

My Only Gaming Addiction

I have a new addiction, Civilization IV. I finally have the computer running well enough to play it, so only ages after its release I bought it. In a mad dash to get my much coveted game, I bused, I ran, I bused home, and immediately installed. I was quite enthusiastic. Now I'm building kick arse civilizations that totally rock. Ok, I think my civilizations may not rock compared to seasoned game addicts, but it's better than all the other civilizations in the game so I'm happy.

It's an odd addiction, since I'm of the gaming sucks crusty balls mentality. I do not understand Playstation, or XBox, or computer games in general. However I do understand, and possess deep and abiding love for the Civilization games. I get all giddy playing them, and find myself able to focus for hours at a time. That in itself is an extreme personal anomaly, as I usually have trouble focusing for more than five minutes unless I'm doped up to the eyeballs on Benzos. Civilization IV is better than clonazepam!
Well, right up until I start considering the nature of my civilization. You know the whole world dominance, and I'm the superpower determined to hang onto my power by any means necessary, thing. Then I feel all guilty, and kind of American-slash-gnerally Western. Creating Hegemony where possible, and kicking arse when I want some more resources. And god help them if they piss me off! I like my tools of modern warfare, and I will wait until I'm more advanced than every other puny civilization and then bomb them into almost oblivion.

Yes people, I am capable of feeling all guilty and morally corrupt while playing a game. Like back when I used to play CivIII and I would demolish a civilization, but always leave that civilization one city because I couldn't quite bring myself to totally destroy the poor buggers.

I definitely have issues.
I blame it on my pinko inclinations. If I was a nice shade of classical liberal I probably wouldn't go all guilt trippy over kicking the arses of simulated civilizations. In fact I may even want to trample and maim a few real ones, you know, because they suck and won't do as I say.

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