Tuesday, 20 February 2007

I Like To Call This A Blog Entry

I feel like I should write something. Anything.
After all I did insist on this new blog. It should have more than two posts. I should adhere to my new mantra: prolific and pointless.

But unfortunately I got sidetracked by obsessing about photos. My photos.
I take photos. I post them on artsy fartsy websites. One is doing quite well, attention wise. And it turns out that I'm a shameless attention whore, so have taken to spending 90% of my computer time refreshing photo pages to see if I've gotten any more attention in the past half hour. Ok, in the past five minutes.

I also cleaned the shower today, in my nightie, at midday. I cannot tell you how distasteful I find domesticity. There's something quite tragic about scrubbing shower walls in a dusky pink vintage nightie and unbrushed hair. This is why I need to become rich, or at least suitably well off, so I can pay someone else to do that for me. Because I really need to spend a more time focusing on the important things in life. Like how much attention my crappy photos are generating on free, I don't get paid to do it, websites.

Which reminds me, it's about time to do another refresh on those pages.


Span said...

I do can confess to cleaning the shower in nightwear with morning hair, although I'm pro-pajama (rather than nightie) myself.

You could always post some of your pics here for us to see too... I know I would like to peruse them.

Span said...

Doh! "do can"? what does that even mean.

Kindly ignore the do above, thank you muchly.

Ms Klake said...

Hehe, Span I do that all the time, with the words. It's when I've gone to write one thing, hit delete and missed a word from the previous words written.

I just pretend it didn't happen.

Oh, and I'm usually pro-pjs too, but it's been so damned hot lately. So I've actually taken to occasionally wearing nighties.

I might post the pics here soon. I'm just a little shy of them.

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