Thursday, 22 February 2007

Yes, I do have Hobbies. Kinda.

Ever since I got myself a digicam for Christmas 2004 I've been on an half-hearted photography kick. That is, I ocassionally get it into my head that I must take photos. I totally blame it on the rubber duckies. One day I had my much loved rubber duckies sitting in the bathroom sink while I cleaned the windowsill they usually called home, and all of a sudden the camera came out. At the time I was quite happy with my duckie pictures and yet another, when I can be bothered, hobby was born.

Digital cameras are like gold for people like me.
To be honest I started liking the idea of photography about seven years ago when it was a compulsory module for an art course I was doing. Only then it was film cameras, money, and darkroom access that was the thing. Not cheap. No good for a pauper. So it just didn't really happen.

But along came my now tragically inadequate Kodak CX7330. And I've been haphazardly taking photos ever since. Not often, with no clue about technique, just for fun. And I have the flickr account to prove it.

I'm not good. I'm not dedicated. But why not?

And thanks to a comment from Span I've decided to be totally shameless and post some of my latest attempts at being all conceptually amateur here.

This is the one that generated a fair bit of attention, and currently resides on my blog to add a little colour to my rather dull template.

This is my favourite even though other people don't seem to like it much.

And the next three, just well ARE. They're all taken in the past few days (including the two above), cross processed in photoshop, and now clogging up the internet with more wannabe photography.
They all also feature me. I put that bloody Kodak CX7330 on a stool, used the delayed shot thingamabob, and that's that.

I had no idea what I was doing, and I fear it may show to others more knowledgeable, but I kinda like them, so there.

Now all I have to do is get myself a good camera, because I'm operating under the wildly misguided presumption that I will take better pictures if I have a camera that rocks.


john said...

Lovely to find you. Have missed my daily catch-up. Great photos.

Ms Klake said...

Now i've just got to try and write every day. Or at least most days. I'm hoping the desire to fill up the new blog with pointless entries will help my motivation there:-)

Mrs Smith said...

I like your photos. The colour-shift is highly effective. My camera did colour-shift, too, although unintentionally; everything came out looking pink. Possibly spilling water on cameras is not a good idea. Fortunately, I bought a new phone with a super camera in it, so am snap-happy, although not artistically like you. Yesterday's photo was of a bus-stop.

Span said...

shiny! Like your pics :-)

Ms Klake said...

Mrs Smith: Pink is a very good colour, I do not care what other people may say about that.

Even the most mundane photos look a tad better with colour shift. That's why I'm totally addicted to cross processing in photoshop and then adding colour variations.
I'm such a fake!